3…2…1…Lift off! (Saturday)

A Successful Failure!

Going to the Space Center, Escape Room, and ending the hot Houston day with a scrumptious bbq, Saturday was very fun and educational! I learned a lot in each location: in the Space Center, I was able to see rocket ships that was used on the Apollo Mission, see where and how astronauts are trained, and the best one, meet a NASA flight surgeon..even though I took a quick nap, LOL. In the Escape Room, I was able to experience in first hand what the victims of Apollo 13 went through but unfortunately, unlike those astronauts, we died :/ Ending the day, we went to Pinkerton’s to eat some good ole barbecue. This was a day to remember. – Malayah A.

The Death of Astronauts

On Saturday 15, 2019, three Astronauts died because of Tianna; the tragic death came upon because someone wanted to keep saying “hello ma’am”. I will say she listened very well, and it got us pretty far. The escape room was very fun and a learning experience for all of us. We had to go out of our comfort zones to try new adventures, sadly our heroes died on their mission: Malayah Allen, Jada Billups, and Langston Foster. The last few rounds got harder, and later we took our picture with our dead Astronauts and our hard working computer scientists. Later that day we went to Hilton heaven and chilled in the poolside of the RIP.

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