Tsunami (j/k) Sunday

Giraffe Day!

  • Went to the science museum it had an amazing Egyptian exhibit just had to take Anubis home with me.
  • Long day at science museum time to head to the zoo oh but we need lunch first gotta reenergized.
  • Choo Choo time for train ride to the zoo.
  • uh oh its raining time to get our poncho on PONCHO SQUAD GO.
  • we saw a lot of animals like a cute sea lion.
  • Screaming monkeys (even though they didn’t actually scream but that’s ok)
  • two adorable baby elephants
  • we also checked the reptile house where I saw the most active snake and lizard.
  • But the best was when we saw the giraffes my favorite animals they are so beautiful and majestic withe their long necks.
  • Sunday was a great day for me even though I fell asleep early during movie night cause of the good burritos we had from the Mexican restaurant we went to.

-Janise F.

Texas > Chicago

  • We started off with some Delicious donuts
  • After the donuts we headed on to the museum where we saw things like the
  • Rock exhibit
  • Animal exhibit
  • Egyptian exhibit
  • Dinosaur exhibit and more
  • Then it started raining so I and others went to the galleria (mall)
  • It was a nice mall and had a lot of stores I haven’t seen (better then Chicago malls)
  • Then we went to the hotel and played around
  • last we went to TexMex and ate a dinner with no phones (it was hard but I got through it)

-Kion W.

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