Houston Highlights

“My favorite part of the Houston trip was the trip to the space center. It was my favorite part because I was able to see the training facilities for the astronauts which was really cool. Also, I was able to learn about how they’re preparing for the upcoming Mars trip. Lastly, I learned about all the Apollo missions and the people involved.

Andri Jefferson

My favorite part of the trip was when had went on a trolly ride around the space center and saw a real life rocket that was used on an Apollo Mission.

Tianna (Future Veterinarian)

My favorite part of the trip when we went to the space center and went around to explore more and more space science and it works. I did qualify for multiple jobs because you will never know if that is your favorite job or just have a second that will qualify for you. Also my other favorite part of the trip was when we got into the pool.

-Jacari Marshall

I always get misty-eyed when I see a rocket or a space shuttle, and our visit to the Space Center was no exception. However, I think the highlight for me was the chance to hear stories from two men who work or have worked at NASA. Learning about their experiences with the Apollo missions, Skylab, and current astronaut health has contextualized my view of human spaceflight.

Ms. Carter

My favorite part of the trip is the Escape Room. This was my first time going to one and the Escape Room was pretty cool. I like how I got to experience what the astronauts of Apollo 13 went through and how we all worked together to succeed the mission (even though we died) which really made us bond more.

Malayah A.

My favorite part of the trip is the escape room, because it felt like we were actually apart of NASA. With all the details in how the work stations looked, and the spaceship. I had a good time doing the mission and hope to comeback for round 2; maybe I’ll do the murder mystery next.

Jada Billups

My favorite part of the trip was when we went to the zoo. Everyone was huddled up trying to stay dry, so we were talking a lot. We were running around trying to stay dry.

Langston F.

“My favorite part of the trip was when we went to the zoo. I loved seeing all the animals and I got to visit the second most visited zoo which was pretty awesome.But honestly I just loved that I got to see my long necked friends the giraffes.

-Janise Fenderson

My favorite part of the trip was going to NASA and seeing the cool jobs they have there as well as the quiz to see what job there can qualify for. This is because if my number one job as a sergeant fails I can know what second job I may or may not still qualify for.

~Desire Taylor

I truly can’t choose just one experience as my favorite, so here’s four:touring the astronaut training facility, reading the wall of Apollo mission descriptions in the building housing Saturn V, perusing the incredible rare gem collection at the Museum of Natural History, and seeking refuge in the reptile house at the Houston Zoo.

Ms. Angel

I would like to say that that this was a very educational and fun trip for me. I enjoyed going to he Boardwalk, I’ve never been there before. I also enjoyed going to NASA and talking to Mr.Johnston. thank you all


My favorite moment of the trip is the Escape Room. Although I wanted to do the murder mystery, the Apollo 13 escape room was pretty fun. It takes a lot of money to fund trips to outer space. One day, I will be in space for four minutes so I can see how the sun, earth, and other planets look.

Kion W.

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