Homeward Bound (Monday)

Ms. Carter and Malayah had a conversation about pressure and altitude when Malayah found her bag of chips was much puffier than when she bought it in the airport. 🙂

The END Of The Texas Life

So hello ma’am’s and sir’s in the world today we viewed something very different. We viewed Rice University and one specific sighting we saw was there stadium. It was pretty big and I bet a lot of people view their games. There campus was pretty big and very roomy. After, we had decided to go to an nice breakfast place called Sweet Paris Cafe. Their decoration really made you feel like you were actually in Paris and the table number holder was actually the Eiffel Tower which was pretty cool. Their food was good and was worth it. Now Im waiting to board the plane and realizes that I’ve learned so much and had a nice new experience in Texas.

Thank You,

Tianna Thomas (Future Veterinarian)

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